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Meet your instructor

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Trish Hargrave

Presenter & Instructor of Online Workshops and Design Tutorials

Trish has been endorsed and authorised by The Pattern Drafter to create Online Workshops to provide everyone everywhere in the world the opportunity to really enhance their knowledge and experience with using The Pattern Drafter rulers.

Once upon a time we only offered these workshops as face to face workshops in limited places around Australia.  Our Online Workshops not only include everything we presented face to face but they include so much more.

Trish takes you through the whole process from measuring, drafting, fitting and designing in really easy to follow step by step video tutorials that all combine to give you the very best start to creating custom fitted clothes.

Trish has been sewing since she was a young girl and is a competent dressmaker.  She owned and managed a retail shop selling fashion designer end of roll fabrics and conducted classes and workshops instore during those years.  Trish was endorsed as an Ambassador for The Pattern Drafter in 2019 and it is now her full time occupation filming online workshop content in her studio based in Tasmania, Australia.

What is The Pattern Drafter?

Proudly Australian created, made & owned

A revolutionary ruler design that is simple, quick and easy to use enabling anyone to draft their own custom fit block patterns in minutes without prior drafting experience.

Maria Boncaldo, inventor of The Pattern Drafter has used her extensive knowledge and experience of pattern drafting to convert highly complex drafting techniques in to a simple, quick and easy template/ruler that lets anyone draft their own custom fitting dress, bodice, pants, sleeves and collar block patterns.

Block patterns are the very foundation of all garments. All commercial patterns start off as a block pattern and are then modified to create the variety of designs and styles you see in their catalogues. Block patterns are your starting point. If the block fits you in all the right places, then any design modifications you make, you can be sure the garment will always fit correctly. That is one of the biggest challenges in dressmaking - the perfect fit!  The Pattern Drafter solves all of that.

The Pattern Drafter has all the rulers you need built in to one handy tool. It has all dimensions calculated for you thus eliminating the need for you to do any lengthy and challenging mathematics. You follow simple step-by-step instructions starting with how to take your basic measurements. Then you transfer all these measurements on to paper using The Pattern Drafter.

How easy is that? Perfect for beginner sewers through to professional dressmakers, saving everyone time.  Anyone can master it!

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